Commission Photo Guide

 In order to create the best portrait possible I need highest quality photographs possible, the higher the resolution which shows those unique details of your pet such as the fur, eyes, markings etc the better the the portrait I can create.

Ideally reference photos should be taken outside in a field or in a stable yard. Although I have used photos taken indoors for previous portraits the resulting photos can be dark and lacking in detail.


Portrait - Reins and Tack

If you are looking at getting a portrait it is important to decide when taking your photo whether you would like you horse to appear with tack or without, in a more natural pose. Although it is possible to remove tack during the drawing process ideally the reference photo shouldn't include any tack if you don't want it in the final piece.


Choosing that right photo

You no doubt have a lot of photos of your horse in a variety of situations, poses and light. When choosing the right photo(s) to be used for a portrait it can be tricky knowing which photo is best. The Best photos are the ones where your horse looks most relaxed and natural. Good resolution (picture quality) and lighting is essential to produce the best likeness. Please make sure the photos are not overexposed (lacking detail in brightest areas) or blurry. 

If you have any other enquiries in relation to choosing the right photo please get in touch.